Which Cartoon Character Are You Really?

You are Charlie Brown !
You're kinda shy person, who has a lot of reflection moments and anxious issues with society. But you're a caring person and people around you like you more than you think !
You live in your own world, only noticing people when there's something special about them, and what matters most to you is love. You like large spaces and quiet places, like libraries (ok, that's a bit cliché).
But you make real efforts to be part of a community, and being special could be a way of being accepted !
Keep going, mate !

Test via Bouilloire Magique

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    1. Plus qu'avec d'autres personnages type Bob L'Eponge ^^

  2. Je trouve que ça te ressemble plutôt vu ce que je connais de toi au travers de nos mails et de tes articles. Pas le passage où tu ne remarques que les personnes spéciales cependant.

    J'ai fait le test moi aussi et pour une fois, je me retrouve presque exactement dans le descriptif. Bon, je suis moins enthousiasmée par le personnage, vu que je suis Velma de Scoubidou XD
    You're a brave lab rat, a strong woman and a kind person !
    Your family and friends are what matters to you.
    Everyone around you can rely on you for your caring and responsible way of thinking. But sometimes you blend in and people forget about you, although you don't like being alone. You're quite an introvert, but you manage to meet more people and find your way in society. You don't like much hanging out and getting drunk, even though you like testing your limits.
    Anyway, you became mature and down-to-earth thanks to your many own experiences of the world.
    You go, girl !

    Sympa le test. XD